M. P. Bader, A. M. Kosyrev, N. A. Kukuyuk
2016 World of Transport and Transportation  
[For the English abstract and full text of the article please see the attached PDF-File (English version follows Russian version)].ABSTRACT Analysis of performance and reliability of electrical equipment of high-voltage electrical systems (hereinafter - HVES) confirms the need to improve evaluation methods and mathematical modeling of transients in power lines (hereinafter - PL), at substations, and in grounding and protective devices. One of the main problems, however, remains improvement of
more » ... fety and quality of HVES functioning in accordance with their EMC in modes of overvoltage effects, including determination of evaluation criteria, scientific substantiation of deep forced restrictions of external and internal overvoltage of electrical equipment, optimization of PL protection and substations of the system from different levels of voltage, electromagnetic interference that could cause serious accidents. Keywords: railway infrastructure, electrical power supply, electromagnetic compatibility, high-voltage electrical systems, lightning overvoltage, neutral of transformers. REFERENCES 1.Bader, M. P.Electromagnetic compatibility: Textbook [Elektromagnitnaja sovmestimost': Uchebnik].Moscow, Transport publ., 2002, 640 p. 2.Bader, M.P., Inkov, Yu.M.Electromagnetic compatibility of traction power supply system and elements of infrastructure in areas with high speed traffic [Elektromagnitnaja sovmestimost' sistemy tjagovogo elektrosnabzhenija i elementov infrastruktury na uchastkah s vysokoskorostnym dvizheniem].Elektrotehnika, 2014, Iss.8, pp.12-18. 3.Bader, M.P., Inkov, Yu.M.On increasing energy efficiency of converter equipment of traction substations [O povyshenii jenergeticheskoj effektivnosti preobrazovatel'nogo oborudovanija tjagovyh podstancij].Elektrichestvo, 2008, Iss.2, pp.60-65. 4.Marquardt, K. G.Electric power supply of electrified railways [Elektrosnabzhenie elektrificirovannyh zheleznyh dorog].4th ed., rev.and enl.Trans.from English.Moscow, Transport publ., 1982, 524 p. 5.Protection against short circuits feeding on «high» side of a step-down transformer from the traction network [Zashhita ot podpitki korotkih zamykanij na «vysokoj» storone ponizhajushhego transformatora so storony tjagovoj seti]/ A.Kondakov, A.Mizintsev, A.Buryanovaty, S.Rogach.RZD-Partner, 2001, Iss.3, p.111. 6.Tikhodeev, N.N., Shur, S. S.Insulation of electrical networks [Izoljacija elektricheskih setej].Leningrad, Energia publ., 1979, 304 p. 7.Rules for electrical installation [Pravila ustrojstva elektroustanovok].7th ed.Moscow, 2004, 225 p. 8.RD153-34.3-35.125-99 Manual for protection of electrical networks 6-1150 kV against lightning and internal overvoltage [RD153-34.3-35.125-99 Rukovodstva po zashhite elektricheskih setej 6-1150 kV ot grozovyh i vnutrennih perenaprjazhenij] / Ed.by N. N.Tikhodeev.2nd ed.St.Petersburg, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, 1999, 205 p. 9.Instruction on grounding of power units on electrified railways [Instrukcija po zazemleniju ustrojstv elektrosnabzhenija na elektrificirovannyh zheleznyh dorogah].Moscow, Transport publ., 1997, 68 p. 10.Mamoshin, R. R.Improvement of power quality at traction substations of AC roads [Povyshenie kachestva energii na tjagovyh podstancijah dorog peremennogo toka].Moscow, Transport publ., 1973, 224 p. 11.Schwab, A. J.Electromagnetic Compatibility [Elektromagnitnaja sovmestimost'].Moscow, Energoizdat publ., 1995, 480 p. 12.Courtois, C.Bahnenergieversorgung in Frankreich.Elektrische Bahnen, 92 (1994) 6, S.167-170 und 7, S.202-205. 13.Figurnov, E. P.Relay protection [Relejnaja zashhita].Moscow, Transzheldorizdat publ., 2002, 343 p. 14.Mamoshin, R. R.Railway power supply system on AC94 / 27,5 kV with symmetrization traction loads [Sistema elektrosnabzhenija zheleznyh dorog na peremennom toke 94/27,5 kV s simmetrirovaniem tjagovyh nagruzok].Proceedings of scientific-practical conference «Electrification - basis of technical modernization of rail transport».Moscow, VNIIZhT, 2004, pp.58-60. 15.Kosarev, A. B.Basic theory of electromagnetic compatibility of AC traction power supply systems [Osnovy teorii elektromagnitnoj sovmestimosti sistem tjagovogo elektrosnabzhenija peremennogo toka].Moscow, Intekst publ., 2004, 272 p.
doi:10.30932/1992-3252-2016-14-1-22 fatcat:qytimijx6fdcvjps74pc5jarti