Scientific and methodological foundations to develop numerical hydrodynamical models of mine fields in Donbas

Alina Zahrytsenko, Olena Podvigina, Nataliia Dereviahina, V. Bondarenko, I. Kovalevska, R. Lysenko, O. Malova, F. Cawood, M. Hardygora
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
The paper considers specific character of hydrogeological problems arising during the whole cycle of a mining enterprise operation; the most reliable their solutions are implemented in the context of numerical hydrodynamical models of mine fields. Basic approaches to schematize laminated carbonic formation through simplification of natural rock mass permeability have been substantiated; prediction algorithm of its changes during temporal transformation has been developed. Numerous
more » ... problems solving in the process of modeling mine fields has helped understand that water inflow amount cannot be correlated with the extension of mining area. Within the areas with roof caving, permeability of carbonic formation is a time variable which value increases 10 -15 times in the context of rock displacement, halves after 5 -10 years and nears natural values after 15 -20 years. In the context of Western Donbas, the modularized schemes have been tested while solving problems concerning filtration control within mine fields and their surface influence areas with high confidence of hydrogeological forecasts. * Corresponding author:
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186000034 fatcat:nwhclzodzfb37bpa7r3ouxrsga