Welcome – Editor's Note

Lucy Annette
2021 Impact  
Welcome to Impact, the publication dedicated to fostering open and collaborative science. In this issue we look at how global research is pushing the boundaries in healthcare. Across many specialties within oncology, immunology, dentistry, nursing and even sports science, researchers the world over have been breaking new ground in developing new technologies, methodologies and treatments for some of the most hard-hitting conditions that impact people all over the world. Researchers at the
more » ... al Institute of Infectious Disease in Japan are combining techniques from molecular virology as well as chemistry, cell biology and mathematical sciences to elucidate the mechanisms by which hepatitis B (HBV) infects human hosts. Associate Professor Daisuke Taura discusses the challenges and advantages of his research into heart diseases using human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent cells.
doi:10.21820/23987073.2021.5.1 fatcat:jss27hnhrnd4jfegef52cyyxz4