1988 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi  
During the M'iııter and spring seasons 0{1988 in studies earried out around Ankara and Osmancık, Çorum an im11lunogenic Iyophilized vaeeine prepared from live cultU/'es of the avirulem strain of Triehophyton verrueosum, produeed by the firm Ivonovic na Hane Bioveta of Czecl1Oslovakia \\"GS given intramuscularly (M. semitendinosus) tll'ice, 14 days apart LO various breeds of eattle between the ages of 4 lI'eeks to 7 years. This vaeeine was tested on 13 eoıvs and 62 ealves to investigate its
more » ... ylaetic effeetiveness and on 5 cows and 41 calves to investigate its therapeutic efj"ectiveness. During the 90 days observational period, it was noted that the rate of protection in animals giı1en a prophylactic dose \Vas 98: 66 %, ıvhereas tlıe rate of recovery of the animals given a therapeutic dose was 71 .74 %. The results of the proplıylaetic dose application slıowed that about 3-4 \'o,;eeksaf ter the second vaceination tlıere was reliable immunilyo Indeed, during a year long observation period, there was 1/0 recurrence of tlıe iliness. Tlıe vaecine, when given as II tlıerapeutic dose activatecl the immune !>ystem of the organism and ensured recovery within 4-6 weeks of animals with slight or moderate trichophytie lesions and in the regions of the body ıvitlı lesions the hairs fell out completely. However not muclı success was obtained iıı animals with severe lesions. No side effect due to the vaeeine were observecl during this study.
doi:10.1501/vetfak_0000001177 fatcat:aq4edjc5gncpnk5keurwwiuy4q