Study of Artificial Neural Networks in Information Security Risk Assessment under responsibility of UCT Journal of Management and Accounting Studies

Reza Ahmadi, Syed Ahmed, Hamdan Shybt
UCT Journal of Management and Accounting Studies UCT. J.Educa.Manag .Account. Stud   unpublished
The principle of a more comprehensive information capital and organization in the information age and maintain it is very important in this research We decided to use the themes of artificialintelligence algorithms to identify information security risks and impact of Planning for security Reduce risk. For this purpose we examined the IT organization referred to security measures based onthe Chkl sets the standard view and review the information we collect to attack the sources of information
more » ... e both Clustering and classification of the information pack et and a peak of the nightsaw the need of each one have for the probability of error And To Won According to the results of security measures and reduce the likelihood of attacks was effective in reducing dangerous attacks of the clustering of similar results, and they used the systemshows the data integrity of the system may be Drnha the data on the different organizational and (c) of Ad hsaz the impact of security measures to assess. Keyword: Neural networks, artificial, risk assessment, information security, algorithm Ahmadi et al., UCT Journal of Management and Accounting Studies INTRODUCTION The complexity of the economy and the dynamics and complexity of risks and uncertainties that develops and broader aspects such as political and social aspects finds (Stoll 2015) 1 Artificial intelligence is also an important place in recent decades in research environments and practical solutions in organizations (Rahman and Saba, 2014) 2 information security risk management as one of the critical issues in organizations has become the information age 1-2Byan issue Due to changes in organizational and business processes, compa nies need to survive and its competitive position in the exchange of information on the use of information technology, finance and control Khvddarnd exchange. Companies large and small over the technology in control and accelerate their business affairs have been used. Information systems are large organizational affil iationto R 3 and Suha service network based on the one hand, and the extent of the Jadshdh to take advantage of this policy ofoppression on the other hand increase the amount of disaster damage Bpz may there be Bhkarg of the communic ation and the diversity of activities all within its networks in large organiz ations and exchanged information increases the difficulty and complexity of the security of the. Although the access to information and the security and protection of information at the country level for the rulers of ancient time has been destroyed and access to military intelligence and sometimes ethnic country, but with the development of information technology and the use of information as an trade and profit, a new dimension to the discussion of information security ordered. (Ghasemi, 1386) Proper management requires information security of information is the best way to manage the situation and make the right decision for its continuous improvement. Needed to identify the current status, a thorough and effective evaluation mechanism is a result of the more the reality Nearby is the assessment of the coin What are the organization's information security is very important, sincethis assessment is a string of new Khchh, studies, standards and methodologies in the context of ongoing and increasing day by day such the sealing. (Chaharsooghi et al., 1391) Information Security Risk Assessment 4 based on ISO standard 5-27001 and in combination with methods of phase 6 and expertsystem 7 , is an example of the activities. The procedure for classification of assets, Zachman model is used and then determine the value of assets, the threat and impact of the damage Bpz of using a three-level modeling fuzzy membership function, the ultimate risk using expert system is the exchange of water. (Document 2010). 8 Integration of research results AHP fuzzy mathematics and artificial neural network 9 is another method for the risk