Function and Mechanism of WRKY Transcription Factors in Abiotic Stress Responses of Plants

Weixing Li, Siyu Pang, Zhaogeng Lu, Biao Jin
2020 Plants  
The WRKY gene family is a plant-specific transcription factor (TF) group, playing important roles in many different response pathways of diverse abiotic stresses (drought, saline, alkali, temperature, and ultraviolet radiation, and so forth). In recent years, many studies have explored the role and mechanism of WRKY family members from model plants to agricultural crops and other species. Abiotic stress adversely affects the growth and development of plants. Thus, a review of WRKY with stress
more » ... sponses is important to increase our understanding of abiotic stress responses in plants. Here, we summarize the structural characteristics and regulatory mechanism of WRKY transcription factors and their responses to abiotic stress. We also discuss current issues and future perspectives of WRKY transcription factor research.
doi:10.3390/plants9111515 pmid:33171689 fatcat:mjpesyto6jb5rloz4rst3godwi