The impact of inlet channel geometry on in-cylinder swirl

2017 Combustion Engines  
A few chosen methods of swirl generation inside the cylinder were presented in this article. There were presented the results of impact of intake channel geometry on chosen charge movement parameters related to the air-flow inside the cylinder. Moreover, there was presented an authors own conception of flexible and steerable element applied inside the inlet channel. This element influenced on kinematics of airflow through the inlet manifold. The result of this influence was observed as a swirl
more » ... bserved as a swirl inside the inlet channel and inside the cylinder. There were also presented the results of experiment related to the own conception of swirl generation. The results of experimental research were compared with results of numerical calculation of air flow prepared on basis of ANSYS CFD. As final result it was stated that proponed flexible element inside the inlet channel have a significant impact on charge kinematics and it easy can controlled by engine control unit.
doi:10.19206/ce-2017-434 fatcat:p6qcgmmofjcs5kj55qjwt2wgt4