Resource Allocation Priority for Water Flow Monitoring in Reservoirs using Data Analytics

Balaji B
2019 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
With the Progress of Science and Technology, as an infrastructure project, dam's construction scale is more and more big; its cost is higher and higher. The Large dams play an important role in the national economy and social life. The multiple-reservoir operation problem is a complex, non-linear, non-convex and multi-objective optimization problem which cannot be easily handled by the classical approaches. This system composed of: (1) A database integrates dynamic values of different dam
more » ... different dam conditions data. (2) Combining Naïve Bayes classifier and β-Hill Climbing Algorithm for calculating and analyzing data from the database for improved recommendations. (3) At last the Web Application provide the recommended water level analysis to the dams. This system can analyze and monitor in real time conditions of dam and its environment, including the water levels, water velocity, climatic conditions and other safety conditions. The system developed in this study can help promote the advancement of dam safety management and control by providing the water level analysis to the recommended dams. In this paper, the Dam resource Scheduling problem is tackled using Naive Bayes. In order to validate the proposed method, Three-Dam systems used in the literature to evaluate the algorithm are utilized. A comparative evaluation is conducted to evaluate the proposed method against other methods found in the literature.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2019.3321 fatcat:bjf6wndnlnakjbpcbweunorwee