A comparative biochemical profile of some cyprinids fish in Dukan Lake, Kurdistan-Iraq

Darya Mohammed Azeez, Sarbaz Ibrahim Mohammed
Estimation of mean glandular dose for patients who undergo mammography and studying the factors affecting it Estimation of liver parameters and oxidative stress in chronic renal failure patients on hemodialysis in Erbil governorate Abstract. The present study was carried out to demonstrate the baseline values for some serum biochemical parameters for 64 adult freshwater fish including seven species belong to family Cyprinidae, have been collected in Dukan Lake, Kurdistan region-Iraq. Fishes
more » ... on-Iraq. Fishes were weighed, measured, and collect blood for blood chemistry. Serum biochemical analyses were determined using (Cobas C 311) full automatic chemical analyzer. The result of comparative study of serum biochemical parameters of all Cyprinidae species showed that serum glucose was (459.10±106.99 mg/dl) and direct bilirubin was (0.056±0.021mg/dl) in Barbus grypus, serum total protein (3.511± 0.0484gm/dl) and HDL (133.11±0.4231mg/dl) in Cyprinus carpio, serum cholesterol (338.33±43.923 mg/dl) and LDL (86.11±11.871mg/dl) in Carassius carassius, serum triglyceride (420.0±28.8mg/dl) and ALK (113.93±20.65U/L) in Chondrostoma regium, serum AST and serum ALT in Capoeta trutta, were significantly higher when compared to other species. In a conclusion there is variation in biochemical values among species of same family.
doi:10.1063/1.5004295 fatcat:yvliv5h4xzgvpk6ppcwqeawyri