A novel solar desalination system based on an evacuated tube collective condenser heat pipe solar collector: A thermo-economic and environmental analysis

Garima Nema, K Karunamurthy
2022 Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering  
Solar desalination has captivated consideration to overcome the problem of the scarcity of freshwater, with simple-design, economic, and environment-friendly solutions. This study navigates a novel solar-evacuated glass tube collector integrated with a collective condenser heat pipe system for solar desalination. A newly designed heat pipe array was represented in this work by affixing all the evaporator tube units of the heat pipes to a single condenser unit and was attached to the evacuated
more » ... be solar collector. The innovative assembly of the heat pipe provided uniform heating of water and rapid steam generation. The present system acts as a solar collector and as a stand-alone basin for freshwater formation. The performance assessment of the neoteric system was conducted based on half-filled and three-fourth-filled conditions of the water flow pipe kept within the collective condenser heat pipe. The maximum heat pipe temperature recorded during the half-filled state was 156.9°C and 151.48°C in the three-fourth-filled state. The half-filled state of the water flow pipe delivered a total distilled water content of 8,050 ml/day, whereas the three-fourth-filled state delivered 5,925 ml/day of distilled water. The maximum energy and exergy efficiency of the presented system was 19.27% and 3.92%, respectively. The economic minimum unit cost of freshwater by the present system is 4.27 INR, and the payback period is 2.9 years. The present eco-friendly energy system saves 4.25 kWh of electricity and 4.16 × 10−3 tons of CO2 equivalent per year.
doi:10.3389/fmech.2022.959286 fatcat:l6xyhwwijvgwtgjcmdlpbt5fky