Fluid-membrane tethers: Minimal surfaces and elastic boundary layers

Thomas R. Powers, Greg Huber, Raymond E. Goldstein
2002 Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics  
Thin cylindrical tethers are common lipid bilayer membrane structures, arising in situations ranging from micromanipulation experiments on artificial vesicles to the dynamic structure of the Golgi apparatus. We study the shape and formation of a tether in terms of the classical soap-film problem, which is applied to the case of a membrane disk under tension subject to a point force. A tether forms from the elastic boundary layer near the point of application of the force, for sufficiently large
more » ... displacement. Analytic results for various aspects of the membrane shape are given.
doi:10.1103/physreve.65.041901 pmid:12005867 fatcat:cw6kqihydjgmbd4eddlgae33xu