Vytautas Grušas, Maris Klavins
2020 Aplinkos tyrimai, inzinerija ir vadyba / Environmental Research, Engineering and Management  
Professor of University of Latvia, dr. habil. chem., full member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Climate change is a reality and climate scepticism is going out of fashion! The relevance of climate change and the need to take actions are acknowledged by the dominant majority of nations and, most importantly, the young generation is aware of climate change and threats to their future. The political initiative of the European Union -the European Green Deal -is indicating a major challenge with
more » ... ajor challenge with respect to restructuring of energy systems and the way of production as well as lifestyle and consumption patterns. The EU initiatives in climate policy at the same time indicate that societies and politicians are not always ready to meet the needs of revising many aspects of everyday problems. Recent climate change challenges and the European Green Deal are directly addressing scientists, and new knowledge is required in natural sciences, social sciences and technologies. The first point could be the climate change problems from the perspective of society. It is by far not a secret that society in general accepts the fact that climate is changing; however, the motivation to accept the changes in consumption patterns, for example, reduce the use of cars, or change the behaviours, is met with reluctance. It is not surprising as the major source of information on climate change and the need to mitigate it is mass media. Climate change, mitigation, and adaptation questions are not integrated in the education system, starting from kindergartens, schools, universities, and ending up with life-long learning. In this sense, especially significant are responsibilities of universities with respect to teacher training, preparation of study and teaching materials, development of new approaches and tools, regular updating of the study content, and at the same time informing society. A very different perspective
doi:10.5755/j01.erem.76.1.25594 fatcat:v5lswlm7r5dpzcaqjs66xx5use