Proposed System for Educational Augmented Reality Smart Book

Amira B. Sallow, Ahmed A. H. Alkurdi, Zhvan A. Sulaiman
2019 Academic Journal of Nawroz University  
Smartphones have greatly advanced in the past decade. The first smartphone had very low processing power and memory. Nowadays, smartphones have close to desktop class processors and memory. They are also equipped with high resolution displays. This advancement enables creating and running sophisticated and large graphics applications. Such as Augmented and Virtual reality. Augmented Reality (AR) can be described as a view of the real-world environment extended with computer-generated
more » ... enerated three-dimensional objects. AR enables placing objects that are designed in a computer to the user environment with fine precision. AR can be largely useful in a variety of fields. On that note, AR is making great contribution to the field of education in the present time. Studying and learning different subjects can be a dull experience, especially for primary school children. Children nowadays are growing in the internet and technology era. Thus, education must evolve to the technological standard as well. Using AR to teach children can be exciting, motivating and simulating in a way that is much easier and beneficial than reading textbooks. In this paper, an alphabet book is designed for key stage 1 students. The design is accomplished in Photoshop CC and Maya3D. Afterwards, using Vuforia and Unity3D, the letters are brought to life when a smartphone is pointed at them. A 3D model of the letter is shown along with a 3D example and audio of the example is played.
doi:10.25007/ajnu.v8n3a397 fatcat:eiendg4b3zfbbiq2wywag7nyca