Relationship of the Redox State of Pyridine Nucleotides and Quinone Pool with Spectral Complex Formation in Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1
Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1 내의 pyridine nucleotide와 quinone pool의 redox 상태와 광합성기구의 합성과의 상관관계

2009 Journal of Life Science  
The homeostasis of the pyridine nucleotide pool [NAD(P)H and NAD(P) + ] is maintained in Rhodobacter sphaeroides mutant strains defective in the cytochrome bc1 complex or the cytochrome c oxidases in terms of its concentration and redox state. Aerobic derepression of the puf operon, which is under the control of the PrrBA two-component system, in the CBB3 mutant strain of R. sphaeroides was shown to be not the result of changes in the redox state of the pyridine nucleotides and the
more » ... iquinol pool. Using the bc1 complex knock-out mutant strain of R. sphaeroides, we clearly demonstrated that the inhibitory effect of cbb3 oxidase on spectral complex formation is not caused indirectly by the redox change of the ubiquinone/ubiquinol pool.
doi:10.5352/jls.2009.19.7.852 fatcat:ms6qcx2zo5elndqumb3e2aaxwe