Non-Invasive Method for Recovery of Nucleic Acids in Farm Animals Using Nylon Flocked Swabs

Vishnu M. Raja, Seetharaman S, Thooyavan G
2021 International journal of zoological investigations  
Sample collection in livestock animals is difficult because choosing proper device for collecting samples is uncertain. Flocked swabs are the most recent advancement in single-use specimen collecting equipment. Flocking is the application of multi-length fibres to an adhesive-coated surface to improve sample collecting method and process. Since the onset of the animal collection swabs, nylon flocked technology has become a new tool in the field of healthcare especially diagnostic. Advantages of
more » ... non-invasive methods include painless collection ensuring the best possible animal welfare. Nylon flocked swabs can be utilized for a host cell sample collection providing high quality and enough amount of DNA. In the present study, through nasal swab high amount of DNA was identified for goat (124.03 ng/µl) as compared to bovine (96.734 ng/µl) and pig (87.638 ng/µl). Thus nylon flocked nasal swabs showed a good performance for Veterinary diagnosis, although this would be an alternative promising specimen collecting tool.
doi:10.33745/ijzi.2021.v07i02.060 fatcat:qnwuban2org63aqctxziphzwqu