Elastic scattering of pions from the three-nucleon system

S. L. Collier, W. R. Gibbs
1999 Physical Review C  
We examine the scattering of charged pions from the trinucleon system at a pion energy of 180 MeV. The motivation for this study is the structure seen in the experimental angular distribution of back-angle scattering for pi+ 3He and pi- 3H but for neither pi- 3He nor pi+ 3H. We consider the addition of a double spin flip term to an optical model treatment and find that, though the contribution of this term is non-negligible at large angles for pi+ 3He and pi- 3H, it does not reproduce the structure seen in the experiment.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.59.1290 fatcat:2agzbyfvojh25oe6t5czlyuwze