Learning Compact Spatio-Temporal Features for Fast Content based Video Retrieval

Videos are recorded and uploaded daily to the sites like YouTube, Facebook etc. from devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras with less or without metadata (semantic tags) associated with it. This makes extremely difficult to retrieve similar videos based on this metadata without using content based semantic search. Content based video retrieval is problem of retrieving most similar videos to a given query video and has wide range of applications such as video browsing, content
more » ... g, video indexing, etc. Traditional video level features based on key frame level hand engineered features which does not exploit rich dynamics present in the video. In this paper we propose a fast content based video retrieval framework using compact spatio-temporal features learned by deep learning. Specifically, deep CNN along with LSTM is deploy to learn spatio-temporal representations of video. For fast retrieval, binary code is generated by hashing learning component in the framework. For fast and effective learning of hash code proposed framework is trained in two stages. First stage learns the video dynamics and in second stage compact code is learn using learned video's temporal variation from the first stage. UCF101 dataset is used to test the proposed method and results compared by other hashing methods. Results show that our approach is able to improve the performance over existing methods.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b7847.129219 fatcat:36mq4rbyv5h6zal2jswieedd2q