Art for Earth's sake [article]

Michele England, University, The Australian National
This practice-led research explored painting compositions and techniques as a means of relaying my concerns about the escalating negative impact of entrenched anthropogenic systems on the Earth. I juxtaposed the still life painting genre with collage techniques to suggest the causes and impact of the growing crisis. The still life genre is a traditional approach that suggests the domestic interior, a contrived zone of human desire and safety. I used collage to inject terrestrial places of
more » ... ction and demise into this zone, suggesting the connection between systemic human activity and environmental degradation. A reflective and reflexive methodology helped to navigate numerous studio investigations and I utilised photography and drawing, in addition to collage, to drive visual compositions. Various materials and painting techniques were explored, and I settled on utilising a mix of paint materiality, craft, and traditional techniques. Flowers became a significant motif for their legacy regarding transience, global trade, and beauty. My studio investigations have resulted in an Expanded still life language that discusses the current environmental issues in a novel manner.
doi:10.25911/7y8a-w768 fatcat:hp6afnb4avci7jx2gg5qcg66nq