A Simplified Model for Assembly Precision Information of Complex Products Based on Tolerance Semantic Relations

Xiaolin Shi, Xitian Tian, Gangfeng Wang, Min Zhang, Dongping Zhao
2018 Sustainability  
Assembly precision analysis (APA) plays an important role in the whole life cycle of complex products design, manufacturing, assembly and even remanufacturing. Assembly precision information model (APIM) is usually complex since it is affected by many factors, such as design tolerance of parts, assembly process scheme, assembly sequence planning and tolerance of positioning tooling, etc. Therefore, it is of practical significance for APA to reasonably reduce the workload of assembly precision
more » ... ssembly precision information (API) modeling. A semantic simplification approach for APIM is proposed in this paper, which mainly takes semantic relations between APIM and design tolerance of parts into consideration. Initially, ontology of structure knowledge of APIM is constructed according to a tolerance standard. Furthermore, simplification rules are respectively established by considering two semantic relations: one semantic relation between deviation change direction and deviation accumulation direction and the other semantic relation among multiple geometric characteristics on the same geometric feature. Additionally, by utilizing ontology reasoning function, the simplified semantic APIM is generated. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated by a practical example of engine front auxiliary drive equipment. It is expected that our work would lay the foundation for APA of complex products based on actual measured data.
doi:10.3390/su10124482 fatcat:atljbi2v4nhznmmjk6r4hcbcey