Review: Performing Antiracist Pedagogy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication edited by Frankie Condon & Vershawn Ashanti Young

Natasha Tinsley
2017 Writing Center Journal  
Being an African American woman for almost 40 years, a secondary education teacher for three years, and a three-time college student, I am well versed in the micro aggressions that plague students in education, which is why I feel it's important to always be aware of new information meant to combat the systems of oppression found in learning environments. Through my research, I realize what is needed is a way to help individuals see and acknowledge discriminatory practices in the educational
more » ... ld, especially when it comes to writing and the writing process. Culture, nationality, beliefs, biases, and stereotypes are not like layers of clothing that one can check at the door and pick up later. We have all been exposed to the unfair dynamics that form the race relations in society, and we carry those understandings with us everywhere we go, even if we are not completely aware of them. However, awakening this awareness is prevalent to promote a beneficial learning environment for students both in the classroom and in the writing center. This is why
doi:10.7771/2832-9414.1835 fatcat:yn3ccayryzfqvaz5wb34brrmau