Adaptative Pushover Analyses of a Heritage Structure: Application to a Multi-Tiered Pagoda Temple

Y. Endo, Y. Kondo, G. Iwanami
2021 12th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions   unpublished
The present paper discusses seismic behaviour of multi-tier pagoda temple. The seismic behaviour was examined by different pushover analysis techniques including adaptive pushover analysis. The case study objective is a five-tier pagoda. The studied pagoda is built of timber frameworks and masonry walls. Masonry is composed of burnt solid bricks and earthen mortar. The pushover analyses are conducted, taking into account frictional behaviour between timber and masonry. The research challenges
more » ... o tasks. A first task deals with experiments on interface behaviour between timber and masonry in earthen mortar. The study of the discussed interface behaviour is not straightforward since few tests have been conducted on similar subjects. In the present study, direct shear tests are performed. A second task coves pushover analyses of the five-tier pagoda by means of FE analysis. The paper provides useful experimental data of interface behaviour between timber and masonry in earthen mortar and also suggests efficient strategies of seismic assessment of pagoda-type structures.
doi:10.23967/sahc.2021.020 fatcat:vpo5znl5ingmtb4eapworgimfq