Reionization: characteristic scales, topology and observability [chapter]

Ilian T. Iliev, Ue-Li Pen, Patrick McDonald, Paul R. Shapiro, Garrelt Mellema, Marcelo A. Alvarez
2008 Space Astronomy  
Recently the numerical simulations of the process of reionization of the universe at z > 6 have made a qualitative leap forward, reaching sufficient sizes and dynamic range to determine the characteristic scales of this process. This allowed making the first realistic predictions for a variety of observational signatures. We discuss recent results from large-scale radiative transfer and structure formation simulations on the observability of high-redshift Ly-α sources. We also briefly discuss
more » ... o briefly discuss the dependence of the characteristic scales and topology of the ionized and neutral patches on the reionization parameters. Fig. 1.-Large-scale geometry of reionization and the large local variations in reionization history as seen at redshifted 21-cm line: (top) lg(δT b ) and (bottom) δT b smoothed with 3' compensated Gaussian beam. Fig. 2.-Ionization maps (blue neutral, red ionized) of selected 100 h −1 Mpc box simulations for high (bottom panels) and low source efficiencies (top) and with (right panels) and without (left panels) sub-grid clumping.
doi:10.1007/978-90-481-3006-1_8 fatcat:nx76noqv6ngondiufklbrhsw6q