Quantum entropy of supersymmetric black holes [article]

Joao Gomes
2011 arXiv   pre-print
We review recent progress concerning the quantum entropy of a large class of supersymmetric black holes in string theory both from the microscopic and macroscopic sides. On the microscopic field theory side, we present new results concerning the counting of black hole microstates for charge vectors with nontrivial arithmetic duality invariants. On the macroscopic gravitational side, we present a novel application of localization techniques to a supergravity functional integral to compute the
more » ... ntum entropy of these black holes. Localization leads to an enormous simplification of a path integral of string theory in AdS_2 by reducing it to a finite dimensional integral. The localizing solutions are labeled by n_v+1 parameters, with n_v the number of vector multiplets in the theory of N=2 supergravity. As an example we show, for four dimensional large black holes which preserve four supersymmetries in toroidally compactified IIB string theory, that the macroscopic degeneracy precisely agrees with all the terms in an exact Rademacher expansion of the microscopic answer except for Kloosterman sums which in principle can be computed. Generalizing previous work, these finite charge contributions to the leading Bekenstein-Hawking entropy can also be viewed as an instance of "exact holography" in the context of AdS_2/CFT_1 correspondence.
arXiv:1111.2025v1 fatcat:r25p7ruzbnhbbgbvwtrp36kpmu