X(1835)andη(1760)observed by the BES Collaboration

De-Min Li, Bing Ma
2008 Physical Review D  
With the assumption that the X(1835) and η(1760) recently observed by the BES Collaboration are the 3 ^1S_0 meson states, the strong decays of these two states are investigated in the ^3P_0 decay model. We find that the predicted total widths of the X(1835) and η(1760) can be reasonably reproduced with the X(18350)-η(1760) mixing angle lying on the range from -0.26 to +0.55 radians. Further, the mixing angle of the X(1835) and η(1760) is phenomenologically determined to be about -0.24 radians
more » ... the presence of the π(1800), K(1830), η(1760) and X(1835) belonging to the 3 ^1S_0 meson nonet. Our estimated mixing angle can naturally account for the widths of the X(1835) and η(1760), which shows that the assignment of the X(1835) and η(1760), together the π(1800) and K(1830) as the 3 ^1S_0 qq̅ members seems reasonable.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.77.074004 fatcat:f2w6qq5e6jg3xhedqc2xbq3axy