A Mid‐Infrared Galaxy Atlas (MIGA)

C. R. Kerton, P. G. Martin
2000 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series  
A mid-infrared atlas of part of the Galactic plane ($75^\circ < l < 148^\circ, b = \pm6^\circ$) has been constructed using HIRES processed infrared data to provide a mid-infrared data set for the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS). The addition of this data set to the CGPS will enable the study of the emission from the smallest components of interstellar dust at an angular resolution comparable to that of the radio, millimetre, and far-infrared data in the CGPS. The Mid-Infrared Galaxy Atlas
more » ... frared Galaxy Atlas (MIGA) is a mid-infrared (12 $\mu$m and 25 $\mu$m) counterpart to the far-infrared IRAS Galaxy Atlas (IGA), and consists of resolution enhanced ($\sim 0.5'$ resolution) HIRES images along with ancillary maps. This paper describes the processing and characteristics of the atlas, the cross-beam simulation technique used to obtain high-resolution ratio maps, and future plans to extend both the IGA and MIGA.
doi:10.1086/313291 fatcat:mnhlg6c7kzaadblujracx73iji