A study on students' satisfaction with and perceived fit of high school girls' uniform designs

Chae-Ryung Kwon, Dong-Eun Kim
2016 The Research Journal of the Costume Culture  
The purpose of this study was to investigate students' satisfaction with, perceived ease of movement of, and perceived fit of high school girls' uniforms according to the uniform design. "P" high school, with a one-piece dress-type uniform, and "H" high school, with a two-piece type uniform, were selected for this study. Sixty-five female students from each school participated in the study. The questionnaire was composed of 21 questions about the school uniforms' purchase behavior, design, fit,
more » ... avior, design, fit, ease of movement, and modification and participants' demographic information. Students from both schools were generally satisfied with the uniform design. However, in the open-ended response section, many "P" high school students responded that the fact that the one-piece dress pulled up when sitting or raising the hand made it uncomfortable. On the other hand, "H" high school students responded that the skirt was uncomfortable, because it left the body or underwear exposed when the wind blew due to the many pleats in the skirt. In the assessment of the ease of movement, "P" high school students were more likely to describe the uniform as uncomfortable than "H" high school students. Many students responded that they modified their school uniforms, and the length of the skirt and one-piece dress was the main part that was modified. This study suggests that growing female high school students are unsatisfied with the school uniforms' design and fit. Additionally, the perceived fit and satisfaction levels depend on the uniform design.
doi:10.7741/rjcc.2016.24.4.399 fatcat:hcqusa3habfgrkkry6zguxub2e