Вавілова Вікторія Валеріївна
2020 Zenodo  
Annotation. The article notes the conditions for the formation of an effective logistics system of the enterprise. The elements of the logistics system of the pharmacy network are characterized. The essence and specifics of logistics system management are analyzed and the scheme of logistics system management of pharmaceutical enterprises is presented. The functions of management of the logistics system of the pharmacy network are outlined. In modern economic conditions, enterprises and
more » ... tions are looking for new promising methods and tools for business management, the use of which will positively affect the effectiveness and efficiency of economic processes. For pharmacy chains as business entities, the current problems are to ensure compliance of supply and demand of pharmaceutical products with the pharmacy network, increase the efficiency of logistics activities, optimization of logistics costs. The formation of logistics systems is carried out to ensure the supply of pharmaceutical goods to a given city in the required volume and range at a given level of costs, ie optimization of goods traffic processes. The formation of the logistics system of pharmacy networks, in our opinion, is a complex process of isolating its constituent elements with the subsequent integration of these elements into a single integrated system to ensure the efficiency of its operation through compliance with the established targets. The definition of the stages of this process should be based on taking into account the specific sectoral characteristics of economic entities, which form the features of their logistics activities. The logistics system of the pharmacy network is not in a static state. Dynamic changes in this system are due to changes in macro-environmental factors and changes in the internal nature, which set the task of developing the system to ensure its compliance and adequacy to new conditions. Thus, the development of [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4081715 fatcat:eyijfa4zjvawdk34goy54siata