Toward Human-level Spoken Dialogue with Android ERICA

JSAI Technical Report, SIG-SLUD  
This article gives an overview of the spoken dialogue system for an autonomous android ERICA. Compared with the current spoken dialogue systems for smart phones and smart speakers, we are particularly concerned with "long and deep" interactions just like human-human conversations. Toward this goal, we set up three social interaction tasks: attentive listening, job interview, and speed dating. In the past years, we have collected a number of dialogue sessions with the remotely-operated android,
more » ... nd developed the dialogue system conducting these tasks. With incorporation of natural backchannels and repeats of focus words, natural interactions of about five minutes are realized.
doi:10.11517/jsaislud.84.0_s01 fatcat:mzmqx33skfaodl3e7cr7kwbksi