Eastern Shore Whig and People's Advocate 07-1832

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PRISeTEI) AND rCELlSHED * EVEHY TT'ESDAY MORNING, BY EDWARD JIVLLIICIJ OF THE LAWS OF Till UIUOX. THE TERMS Are Two DOLLARS and FIFTY CENTS per Annum payable half yearly in advance. XD-TMTissMKSTsare inserted three times for OSK DOLLAR; and continued weekly for TWEKTYnv* CENTS per square. ty nine, ten thousand five hundred and fifty one dollars and thirty conU. For carrying into effect the trenty wi'h the Pallawalomies, by art of second March, one llioiisai.il eight bundled and twenty-nine,
more » ... t hundred ane silly five dollars and ninety-two cunts.' For compensation for improvements abandoned by the Cherokees of Arkansas, by act of second March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, seven thousand five hun dred and forty-one dollars and thirty-three cents. For provisions in the Quapaws. by act rl second March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine, one thousand dollar*. For aiding certain Creeks in their removal, by act of ninth May, one thousand eight hundred und tuentj'-ciitht, (it hundred and four dollars and three crnts. \ For extinguishment of the title of the Delaware Indians lo their reservation in Ohio, byact of second March, one thousand eiifhl hun dred and twenty-nine, one thousand four hundred and eighty seven dollars and sixty-seven cents SEC. Jlnd It U further eiiaefrd.Thal Ihr LAWS OFTHF. UNITF.D STATES, Patted alike Pint Session ij IhtZZd Congress [PUBLIC NO. 45.] AN ACT authoring the Secrclary oftheTrea. mry to permit a wharf lo be buill nrar ihe Mle of the light -house. on Stratlbid point, in the State of Connecticut. Be it enacted by the Semife and Haute cf Reij'tlie Utiiltd Slain of America in ' Provided, The use uf Congress atteinlkil, '1 bat the Sccielaiy ul the Treasury is hereby Hiilhuiized to permit a Wharf lobe built near the silo of Hie light house, on Stratford point, in Ihe State of Connecticut, anil to v;rant the use of such land belonging to Ihe United Stales as may be requi red (or that purpose: sum of one Ihofliiand dollars, lietelolorr approprialrd fur ronlingenl expenses of Ihe Topnt;raphicihington in January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty'Iwo. lour l.ui'itnd dollars, ai.d for defraying the expences of Ihe. Cherokee Delegation, went of ihe Mississippi, now in the City of Watthingion, seven hundred and seventy two »uc-h wliurf shall continue only so lung us, in the opinion of the-Secretary of Ihe Treasury, it does not inlcrleie with the interests of the United States.
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