A Simulation Researchand Motion Control of Dental Chair in the Medical Application

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Generally, in hospitals the dental chair can be operated forward/backward for the treatment of the patients which is operated by human. Sometimes the chair will not function properly due to piston rust and over weighted patient and the dentist may have pain in the legs due to continuous operation of the chair. A voice controlled dental chair is designed to overcome these problems. It works on the commands given by the dentist. The voice modules are converted into machine understandable codes by
more » ... rstandable codes by attaching an Arduino. Arduino acts as an intermediate between the software and the hardware modules. Gas cylinders are responsible for the movement of the chair. The chair moves up and down as the pressure is accumulated on the chair by the release of the gas. A pressure gauge is attached to the gas cylinder and a solenoid valve is attached to it. All these work in a synchronous manner. If they don't work in synchronous manner the movement of chair is not in a linear manner. Gas cylinders extend and retract a piston rod to provide a push or pull force to drive the external load along a linear manner.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b1128.0882s819 fatcat:pumshcme3jfp3l3euqndco74rq