Association between Gender and Clinical examination frequency and confidence of Medical Students in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Muhammad Abubaker Tobaiqi, Ahmad Salama Alhazmi, Abdullah Hamoud Almutairi, Ziyad Naji Almohammadi, Asim Sultan Alluhaybi, Saad Faisal Alharbi, Ibrahim Musaad Alzahrani
2022 Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results  
Objectives: Determine the student's confidence and capability in performing examinations by both gender on the same and opposite sex.Methods: A valid questionnaire has been distributed to College of Medicine students at Taiba University in Saudi Arabia. This questionnaire includes questions about the factors which may be related or affect the medical experience during general or intimate examination and questions about the frequency of examinations on the same and opposite sex. Comparison of
more » ... es and females was done using Chi-square tests analysis using the SPSS version 23.Result: Out of 150 final year medical students, 108 male and female students (72%) have participated in this research. There were 82.8% of males and 62% of females that have agreed that cultural and religious traditions have impacted their clinical experience with the opposite sex. In regard of respiratory examination for patients of the opposite sex, only 1.7% of the males have performed respiratory examination for patients of the opposite sex more than (10) times, compared to 34% of females. Also 44.8% of males have performed male genitalia examination (1-5) times, compared to 12% of females. On the other hand, 1.7% of males have performed vaginal examination compared to 12% of females.Conclusion: This study showed that there is an association between gender and clinical experience in some aspects. Researchers emphasize minimizing the negative effects of gender nature on the clinical experience by using alternatives or encouraging the patients to allow students to complete their clinical examination while ensuring patients privacy and integrity.
doi:10.47750/pnr.2022.13.s09.160 fatcat:sfyxossfwrdqlplkfjbkigzsk4