Transplantation and non-invasive longitudinal in vivo imaging of parathyroid cells [post]

Robert Bränström, Pim van Krieken, Robin Fröbom, Carl Christofer Juhlin, Andrea Dicker, Barbara Leibiger, Ingo B. Leibiger, Per-Olof Berggren, Craig A. Aspinwall
2022 unpublished
The parathyroid cell is a critical physiological regulator of extracellular Ca2+ levels via secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Regulation of PTH secretion is complex, not fully understood and represents a unique feature between extracellular Ca2+, intracellular Ca2+, and hormone secretion. One major problem in parathyroid research is the difficulty maintaining surgically procured cells ex vivo to allow detailed cellular characterization. Here, we introduce a new platform for
more » ... and non-invasive in vivo imaging of parathyroid cells using the anterior chamber of the eye as a transplantation site. Parathyroid tissue pieces transplanted into the mouse eye engrafted on the iris became vascularized and retained cellular composition. Transplanted animals showed elevated PTH levels as a sign of a functional graft. In vivo confocal microscopy allowed repetitive monitoring of parathyroid graft morphology and vascularization. In summary, there is an urgent need for novel methods to characterize complex cellular processes in parathyroid cells. We show a novel method and strategy for non-invasive in vivo investigations that can be applied under physiological and pathological conditions, enabling deepening knowledge of parathyroid physiology and pathology.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:2kmcyb7m5zbvvnq2cb7suiz7ce