Diagnosis and Treatment of Digestive Emergencies in Two Hospitals in Douala (Cameroon)

Jean Paul Engbang, Basile Essola, Thomas Jim-Kevin Moukoury, Christian Beugheum Chasim, Gertrude Massom Toumaleu, Mathieu Motah, Marcelin Ngowe Ngowe
2021 Surgical Science  
Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) surgical emergencies represent a significant amount within surgical pathologies, in Africa and throughout the world. Our study was aimed to assess the etiological, therapeutic and prognostic aspects of GIT surgical emergencies in patients from two hospitals in Douala, Cameroon. Patients and Method: A longitudinal prospective study was conducted from December 2018 to May 2019, including 203 patients of all ages and both sexes who presented with a GIT surgical
more » ... y in any clinical form, and who underwent surgery within one of our hospitals. We collected patients' parameters through a survey, from complete history to clinical examination, then followed them up from surgery to post-operative time. Gathered information was analyzed by IBM Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) 23.0 software version. Results: GIT surgical emergencies accounted for 27.5% of all surgical emergencies. Our target population included 55.2% (n = 112) of men, and 44.8% (n = 91) of women, observing a sex-ratio of 1.23. The mean age of the patients was 36.3 ± 17.1 years, with extreme values of 6 months and 86 years. Abdominal pain was the most common symptom, vomiting and lack of bowel movement or gas pass, were the main associated symptoms in 27.6% and 16.7% of cases, respectively. Etiologically, leading pathologies were intestinal obstruction (32.0%, 64 cases), acute appendicitis (24.6%, 50 cases), then came peritononitis and abdominal trauma with respectively 22.7% (46 cases) and 21.7% (43 cases). Most patients underwent surgery within 24 hour. Laparotomy was the primary method How to cite this paper: Engbang, J.P., Essola, B., Moukoury, T.J.-K., Chasim, C.B., Toumaleu, G.M., Motah, M. and Ngowe, M.N. (2021) Diagnosis and Treatment of Digestive Emergencies in Two Hospitals in Douala (Cameroon). Surgical Science, 12, 174-186. used in 90.6%, and laparoscopy (9.4%). Post-operative suture breakage and parietal suppuration were the most common complications post-operatively. Totally, the overall morbidity and mortality rates were respectively 8.9% and 0.98% among our patients. Conclusion: Acute surgical abdomens occupy an important place in surgical pathology because of their frequency. They have various aetiologies and require a diagnostic evaluation and multidisciplinary management without delay. Keywords Emergency, Digestive Surgery, Etiologies, Management, Douala (Cameroon) J. P. Engbang et al.
doi:10.4236/ss.2021.126019 fatcat:c3cihb6uwreg3hbaezkbbzeeua