Molecular Characterization among Susceptible and Resistant Ridge Gourd Cultivars to Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita through ISSR Markers

Ritu Kumari Pandey
2020 International Journal of Agriculture Environment and Biotechnology  
The root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita is the main nematode pest with host range more than 3000 plant species causes vast damage worldwide. The knowledge of genetic diversity in a crop species is essential for its improvement. Microsatellite sequences are especially suited to distinguish closely related genotypes in crop like ridge gourd. Several susceptible and resistant ridge gourd cultivars to root-knot nematode were identified on the basis of artificial screening and the present
more » ... nd the present investigation was under taken for purity discrimination and characterize of these cultivars at molecular level taking ISSR markers. Standardized reported procedure was followed in order to conduct the experiment. The phylogenetic tree constructed by UPGMA method generated two main clusters i.e., cluster-I and cluster -II. The cluster I was further sub-divided into sub-cluster IA and IB. The cluster I consisted of three varieties (Aneeta, Aarti and BSS-1009), while cluster II consisted of two varieties (Harsha and Priya). Sub-cluster IA consisted of one variety (Aneeta), while Sub-cluster IB consisted of two varieties (Aarti and BSS-1009). Polymorphic per cent ranges from 13.16 per cent (between BSS-1009 and Aneeta ) to 43.18 per cent (between Aarti and Harsha). This study showed that ISSR markers produced specific DNA fragments for the identification of ridge gourd varieties. The knowledge acquired through this investigation may play a pivotal role in the application of molecular markers in ridge gourd improvement programmes. Highlights m Molecular characterization among susceptible and resistant ridge gourd cultivars to Meloidogyne incognita through ISSR Markers was studied in order to distinguish the cultivars with respect to banding patterns.
doi:10.30954/0974-1712.02.2020.4 fatcat:uuvrfvz5dffsfbpi4ca6micqeq