Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulation of a Mariculture Platform under Waves

Feng Zhang, Li Zhang, Yanshuang Xie, Zhiyuan Wang, Shaoping Shang
2021 Water  
This work investigates the dynamic behaviors of floating structures with moorings using open−source software for smoothed particle hydrodynamics. DualSPHysics permits us to use graphics processing units to recreate designs that include complex calculations at high resolution with reasonable computational time. A free damped oscillation was simulated, and its results were compared with theoretical data to validate the numerical model developed. The simulated three degrees of freedom (3−DoF)
more » ... e, heave, and pitch) of a rectangular floating box have excellent consistency with experimental data. MoorDyn was coupled with DualSPHysics to include a mooring simulation. Finally, we modelled and simulated a real mariculture platform on the coast of China. We simulated the 3−DoF of this mariculture platform under a typical annual wave and a Typhoon Dujuan wave. The motion was light and gentle under the typical annual wave but vigorous under the Typhoon Dujuan wave. Experiments at different tidal water levels revealed an earlier motion response and smaller motion range during the high tide. The results reveal that DualSPHysics combined with MoorDyn is an adaptive scheme to simulate a coupled fluid–solid–mooring system. This work provides support to disaster warning, emergency evacuation, and proper engineering design.
doi:10.3390/w13202847 fatcat:6nsgjs33zff7pfbnhfrauepeye