A Secure Data Self-Destructing Scheme In Cloud Computing

M Jayaprabha, A Nadira, Banu Kamal
International Journal of Advanced Networking & Applications   unpublished
The cloud computing is the on demand accessing of server which is used to store, manage and process data. The server is in network hosted as remote so the implementation of security and access control is tedious process. While the people use the data which is shared in environment at that time the security is major problem. So the sensitive data may not be in secured position. In order to tackle this problem I am introducing A Secure Data Self Destruction scheme in Cloud Computing Environment
more » ... ing KP-TSABE. In the KP-TSABE scheme, every ciphertext is labeled with a time interval while private key is associated with a time instant. The ciphertext can only be decrypted if both the time instant is in the allowed time interval and the attributes associated with the ciphertext satisfy the key's access structure. The KP-TSABE is able to solve some important security problems by supporting user-defined authorization period and by providing fine-grained access control during the period. The sensitive data will be securely self-destructed after a user-specified expiration time.