Functional outcomes of ACL reconstruction using hamstring auto graft

Zeeshan Ali Khan, Benash Altaf, Samia Javed, Sadaf Altaf Sadaf Altaf, Shireen Jawed
2019 The Professional Medical Journal  
Objectives: The knee joint is made of two cruciate ligaments. One is anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) which is weaker when it comes to comparison with the other cruciate ligament known as posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). ACL tears are most common and frequently neglected. ACL tear is affecting 70% of the population and this high incidence reflects the significance of the problem. Reason of restoration of a torn ACL is to provide knee stability, knee motion in a safe wide range and to prevent
more » ... nge and to prevent osetoarthritis OA. The gold standard for ACL auto-graft reconstruction is bone patella-tendon bone (BTB) which is still questioned by many researchers as this technique followed subjects suffered from knee pain. So aim is to use and to access outcomes of hamstring auto-graft for reconstruction ACL by using Tegner's score. Study Design: Cross sectional study. Setting: Private based hospital, Faisalabad. Period: January 2017 to January 2019. Material and Methods: It was comprised of in comprised of 97 subjects recruited on the base of positive Tegners score. Demographic data including age was presented as mean and standard deviation. Data was stratified for the variables i.e. age, gender, duration of disease and pre-operative Tegner activity rating scale to address the effect modifiers. Post-stratification Chi-square test is applied to check the significance with P-value less than 0.05 as significant. Regression was applied to check the effect of age on Tegner's scor. Results: This study comprised of 97 subjects (81 male, 16 females83.5.5% and 16.5% respectively from private setup based hospital with mean age of 31±11.1.Our study showed 96.9% subjects with improved Tegner's scale after ACL reconstruction following hamstring autograph technique. Regression was also applied to check the effect of age on Tegner's score which was found to be significant (p value0.00*). Conclusion: Hamstring technique showed good outcomes which can be used to reconstruct ACL for better quality lifestyle.
doi:10.29309/tpmj/2019.26.11.3660 fatcat:fdczfj2lbbdzzkxmhwqbwqpuwa