Fair medium access in 802.11 based wireless ad-hoc networks

B. Bensaou, Yu Wang, Chi Chung Ko
2000 First Annual Workshop on Mobile and Ad Hoc Networking and Computing. MobiHOC (Cat. No.00EX444)  
Abstmct- The Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol through which mobile stations can share a common broadcast channel is essential in an ad-hoc network. Due to the existence of hidden terminal problem, partiallyconnected network topology and lack of central administration, existing popular MAC protocols like IEEE 802.11 Distributed Foundation Wireless Medium Access Control (DFWMAC) [l] may lead to "capture" effects which means that some stations grab the shared channel and other stations suffer
more » ... er stations suffer from starvation. This is also known as the "fairness problem". This paper reviews some related work in the literature and proposes a general approach to address the problem. This paper borrows the idea of fair queueing from wireline networks and defines the "fairness index" for ad-hoc network to quantify the fairness, so that the goal of achieving fairness becomes equivalent to minimizing the fairness index. Then this paper proposes a different backoff scheme for IEEE 802.11 DFWMAC, instead of the original binary exponential backoff scheme. Simulation results show that the new backoff scheme can achieve far better fairness without loss of simplicity.
doi:10.1109/mobhoc.2000.869217 dblp:conf/mobihoc/BensaouWK00 fatcat:rjw3yfrbovh53jjlkdxcpdzbdy