Migrația primarilor și efectele ei electorale: alegerile din România (2014). (The Effects of Mayors Switching Parties on the 2014 Romanian Elections)

Aurelian GIUGĂL
2015 Polis: Revista de Stiinte Politice  
In 2014, between the two electoral ballots, the European Parliamentary elections and presidential elections respectively, as a consequence of an Emergency Government Ordinance, the mayors were able to move from one party to another without losing their mayor position, as it was ruled in the electoral law. Thereby, almost 20 per cent from the total number of the mayors have chosen to migrate, especially towards the social-democrats. In the present article we investigate the change of the
more » ... ange of the electoral behaviour based on this political exodus. Using electoral data at the European Parliamentary and presidential elections held in 2014, in this study shows the significant role which is played by the mayors in shaping the electoral behaviour, especially in small underdeveloped rural communities. The electoral results indicate the fact that the key role of the mayors is more obvious in South and East Romanian localities and far more insignificant in the Centre and Western regions of the country. Accordingly, this study points towards the need for new and more complex investigations that incorporate ecological data in reaching their conclusions.
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