Different Bush Cutting Device: A Review

S. K. Chavda, K. B. Jhala, S. K. Gaadhe
2022 Journal of Experimental Agriculture International  
In a Saurashtra region, farmers are facing a major problem with the trimming of boundary bushes or cutting of the fence of agriculture. In addition to this, unwanted bush also obstructs farm operations, roads, and electricity poles. Currently, bush-cutting is done through manual trimming by agricultural workers, but it is a time-consuming and expensive operation. In addition, using an axe or saw may lead to injury. To overcome this problem, it requires good tools or machines for safe and easy
more » ... eration. Many mechanical devices are available to perform boundary bush trimming or agricultural fence cutting, but conventional mechanical power has several drawbacks, including non-continuous operation, limited speeds due to the use of mechanical gearboxes, high power loss in transmission, and increased maintenance. As time has changed, an improvement in traditional tools and devices is required. Hydraulic power is a good alternative to mechanical power, and it reduces the risks of human injury as compared to mechanical power. Also, the power transmission is more economical as compared to the mechanical. To maintain the preceding point, a hydraulic power transmission system was chosen over a mechanical one. In this study, an existing method was compared in terms of time and cost with a developed machine.
doi:10.9734/jeai/2022/v44i112067 fatcat:wdz6ntgkzvhhpbpcfjvgrxifge