Relativistic corrections in(e,e′p)knockout reactions

A. Meucci, C. Giusti, F. D. Pacati
2001 Physical Review C  
A consistent comparison between nonrelativistic and relativistic descriptions of the (e,e'p) reaction is presented. We use the nonrelativistic DWEEPY code and develop a fully relativistic model starting from the effective Pauli reduction for the scattering state and the relativistic mean field theory for the bound state. Results for the 16O(e,e'p) differential cross section and structure functions are compared in various kinematical conditions. A limit in energy of the validity of the
more » ... ty of the nonrelativistic approach is established. The effects of spinor distortion and of the effective momentum approximation for the scattering state are discussed. A satisfactory agreement with data of differential cross sections, structure functions, and polarization observables is achieved.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.64.014604 fatcat:aghsp2v35ffk3mxzt5ywgnlbby