An Extended MULTIMOORA Based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy Neutrosophic Sets and Objective Weighting Method in Group Decision-Making

Irvanizam Irvanizam, Zulfan Zulfan, Puti F. Nasir, Marzuki Marzuki, Siti Rusdiana, Nany Salwa
2022 IEEE Access  
Multi-objective optimization based on ratio analysis plus full multiplicative form (MULTIMOORA) is an efficient decision-making method for solving multi-criteria group decision-making (MCGDM) processes. It uses three strategies to examine different alternatives and to determine their evaluation values. These strategies include ratio system approach (RSA), reference point approach (RPA), and full multiplicative form (FMF). However, this method presents some challenges in the examination model,
more » ... ch as the ability to aggregate and determine the final result according to these strategies without considering value differences, the complexity of calculating the aggregation and multi-time comparisons, and the probability of distinguishing circular reasoning rules in dominance theory. In addition, determining an appropriate instrument for handling uncertainty, inconsistency, and incompleteness of information and a suitable weight for each criterion and decision-maker for reducing human interventions are also considered and will be a complex MCGDM process. To overcome these weaknesses, we propose an extended MULTIMOORA based on trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic numbers (TraFNNs) for MCGDM. We integrated it with ordinal priority approach (OPA) method to decide the initial weights for decision-makers and criteria without human subjective assessment. In addition, we used correlation coefficient and standard deviation (CCSD) technique to statistically compute the relationship between these strategies in resolving unique weights to obtain realistic results and eliminate the above issues. Finally, sensitivity and comparative analyses demonstrate the capability and effectivity of the extended method. KEYWORDS Correlation coefficient and standard deviation method, multi-criteria group decision-making, MULTIMOORA method, trapezoidal fuzzy neutrosophic number.
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3170565 fatcat:26jkbyvlkzhwbczwtl3spyutne