Stopping single photons in one-dimensional circuit quantum electrodynamics systems

Jung-Tsung Shen, M. L. Povinelli, Sunil Sandhu, Shanhui Fan
2007 2007 Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference  
We propose a mechanism to stop and time reverse single photons in one-dimensional circuit quantum electrodynamics systems. As a concrete example, we exploit the large tunability of the superconducting charge quantum bit ͑charge qubit͒ to predict one-photon transport properties in multiple-qubit systems with dynamically controlled transition frequencies. In particular, two qubits coupled to a waveguide give rise to a singlephoton transmission line shape that is analogous to electromagnetically
more » ... duced transparency in atomic systems. Furthermore, by cascading double-qubit structures to form an array and dynamically controlling the qubit transition frequencies, a single photon can be stopped, stored, and time reversed. With a properly designed array, two photons can be stopped and stored in the system at the same time. Moreover, the unit cell of the array can be designed to be of deep subwavelength scale, miniaturizing the circuit.
doi:10.1109/qels.2007.4431724 fatcat:svl7bdemzbbgxe2x5iuclahuxm