IRIDE: Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure Based on Dual Electron Linacs and Lasers

M. Ferrario
2014 Nuclear Physics and Gamma-Ray Sources for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation  
An Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure based on Dual Electron linacs&lasers A WHITE BOOK This report describes the scientific aims and potentials as well as the preliminary technical design of IRIDE, an innovative tool for multi-disciplinary investigations in a wide field of scientific, technological and industrial applications. IRIDE will be a high intensity "particle factory", based on a combination of a high duty cycle radio-frequency superconducting electron linac and of high energy
more » ... nd of high energy lasers. Conceived to provide unique research possibilities for particle physics, for condensed matter physics, chemistry and material science, for structural biology and industrial applications, IRIDE will open completely new research possibilities and advance our knowledge in many branches of science and technology. IRIDE will contribute to open new avenues of discoveries and to address most important riddles: What does matter consist of? What is the structure of proteins that have a fundamental role in life processes? What can we learn from protein structure to improve the treatment of diseases and to design more efficient drugs? But also how does an electronic chip behave under the effect of radiations? How can the heat flow in a large heat exchanger be optimized? The scientific potential of IRIDE is far reaching and justifies the construction of such a large facility in Italy in synergy with the national research institutes and companies and in the framework of the European and international research. It will impact also on R&D work for ILC, FEL, and will be complementarity to other large scale accelerator projects. IRIDE is also intended to be realized in subsequent stages of development depending on the assigned priorities. 2 3 Italy 45 CNR-Istituto Officina Molecolare Lab -TASC area science park -34149 Basovizza Trieste Trieste
doi:10.1142/9789814635455_0033 fatcat:t6lus72xarfgdora4hqur64kte