Palynological Stratigraphy of Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 416 [chapter]

G.L. Williams, J.P. Bujak
1980 Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project  
Samples from DSDP Hole 416A, Cores 53 to 9, contain both spores and dinoflagellate cysts. The palynomorphs indicate the presence of Kimmeridgian-Portlandian sediments (Cores 52 and 51) which are overlain by Berriasian (Cores 50 to 32), Valanginian (Cores 32 to 10), and Hauterivian (Core 9) strata.
doi:10.2973/dsdp.proc.50.112.1980 fatcat:l5pazbpxxfbk3ikbcvdcbfvh7y