Behavior of Mucks and Amorphous Peats as Embankment Foundations : Final Report [report]

Timothy Crowl, C. Lovell
1987 unpublished
These materials of very low shear strength and very high compressibility are seldom used as embankment foundations. However, the research proposes a technique for successful use for low embankments (jflO ft), where loading is in stages. Stage height is controlled by suitable safety against bearing failure, lateral squeezing, embankment spreading, and rotational sliding. Strengths are determined at any stage of the construction by field vane shear measurements. Stage duration is determined by
more » ... ld pore pressure measurements. Settlement prediction is produced by: laboratory creep tests, the Gibson-Lo model, and previous correlations between laboratory and field settlement measurements. Surcharge loading is usually required before a pavement may be placed on the embankment. Examples of the proposed method are included, both with and without the inclusion of geotextiles.
doi:10.5703/1288284314605 fatcat:2ipzprog4jgwvj5dxhdjp2gmpy