Chemical interaction of 4-META with enamel in resin-enamel bonds

Hiroki OHNO, Masanori HASHIMOTO, Yoshima ARAKI, Takashi NEZU, Kazuhiko ENDO
2021 Dental materials journal  
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is used to analyze 4-META resin and enamel that are debonded at an adhesive interface. The XPS spectra showed two chemical states for Ca: one resulted from Ca of hydroxyapatite and the other, an unknown chemical state, suggested that Ca was chemically bonded with 4-META. We postulate that for a chemical reaction of 4-META and hydroxyapatite, the chemical structure of carboxyl groups will resemble that of calcium phthalate. Hence, calcium phthalate was used
more » ... as a reference material. Additionally, the spectra obtained from the adhesive interface and the mixture of calcium phthalate with hydroxyapatite particles were compared using peak deconvolution analysis. XPS analysis revealed that the chemical bond of 4-META with enamel resembled the chemical state of Ca in calcium phthalate. Consequently, we suggest that Ca of the enamel and the carboxyl group of 4-META were chelate-bonded at the interface.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2020-229 pmid:33518686 fatcat:7gc4ap2o6rb4ppekzmbn6uaiqm