Numerical modeling of thermal refraction in liquids in the transient regime

Dmitriy I. Kovsh, David J. Hagan, Eric W. Van Stryland
1999 Optics Express  
We present the results of modeling of nanosecond pulse propagation in optically absorbing liquid media. Acoustic and electromagnetic wave equations must be solved simultaneously to model refractive index changes due to thermal expansion and/or electrostriction, which are highly transient phenomena on a nanosecond time scale. Although we consider situations with cylindrical symmetry and where the paraxial approximation is valid, this is still a computation-intensive problem, as beam propagation
more » ... s beam propagation through optically thick media must be modeled. We compare the full solution of the acoustic wave equation with the approximation of instantaneous expansion (steady-state solution) and hence determine the regimes of validity of this approximation. We also find that the refractive index change obtained from the photo-acoustic equation overshoots its steady-state value once the ratio between the pulsewidth and the acoustic transit time exceeds a factor of unity.
doi:10.1364/oe.4.000315 pmid:19396288 fatcat:osj72mbpvjbx7otfjb55gukd2y