Stable solutions of the double compactified D=11 supermembrane dual

I. Martı́n, J. Ovalle, A. Restuccia
2000 Physics Letters B  
The hamiltonian formulation of the supersymmetric closed 2-brane dual to the double compactified D=11 closed supermembrane is presented. The formulation is in terms of two U(1) vector fields related by the area preserving constraint of the SUSY 2-brane. Stable solutions of the field equations, which are local minima of the hamiltonian, are found. In the semiclassical approximation around the stable solutions the action becomes the reduction of D=10 Super-Maxwell to the worldvolume. The
more » ... carry RR charges as a type of magnetic charges associated with the worldvolume vector field. The geometrical interpretation of the solution in terms of U(1) line bundles over the worldvolume is obtained.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(99)01424-0 fatcat:3cy4cylgibcl7ihkonzbblfapy