Helminth parasites in native and invasive mammal populations: comparative study on the Barbary ground squirrel Atlantoxerus getulus L. (Rodentia, Sciuridae) in Morocco and the Canary Islands

Marta López-Darias, Alexis Ribas, Carlos Feliú
2008 Acta Parasitologica  
AbstractA total of 51 and 21 adults of Barbary ground squirrels (Atlantoxerus getulus) were trapped during May–July 2006 from the introduced populations on Fuerteventura Island (Canary Islands) and the native populations in Morocco, respectively. One trematode, 1 cestode and 4 nematode species were recovered belonging to five families: Brachylaima sp. (Brachylaimidae), Catenotaenia chabaudi (Catenotaeniidae), Protospirura muricola (Spiruridae), Dermatoxys getula and Syphacia pallaryi
more » ... pallaryi (Oxyuuridae), and Trichostrongylus sp. (Trichostrongylidae). We report for the first time the presence of P. muricola, Trichostrongylus sp. and Brachylaima sp. in A. getulus. Brachylaima sp. was found in the insular population only, as a result of a diet that includes snails. The two oxyurids were found at both sites. The continental population showed higher species richness (5 vs 3 species). This is the first report of helminth parasites from A. getulus from the Canary Islands.
doi:10.2478/s11686-008-0036-5 fatcat:xwxut2yjpjaubmhgmhqkpvlfkq